Title: I really don't need it, I do not need it
Tags: Animal Crossing Bells
Blog Entry: If you Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket wished to spread the love to additional playing card collectors that use MPC you could link to the art files and we could make our own. No copyright issues there! This is awesome! However, there is one issue, if you're likely to include exceptional characters and more are coming from future upgrades does that mean you need to update the whole deck to include the new characters? They are amazing but my only critique is why isn't Celeste the queen of diamonds when she literally has diamonds on her chest? Hey this is really amazing, I would love to grab a set or two if you end up trying to sell a few! Really wonderful work! :-RRB- It is not currently for sale but I'll make certain to let you know if Nintendo gets back to me and approves it. I would totally pick up a deck but that I understand Nintendo would clamp down real hard if you sold them. Maybe provide out the art for free and then have contributions available. Ya know, completely separate and not in Any Way connected contributions Oh there's interest in purchasing them! I still have a post I saved a while ago when someone else left some. These are amazing! You did a great job! I really don't need it, I do not need it, I certainly do not need it, I do not desire it, I don't desire it, I don't need it, I do not need it I NEED IT!!!!!! I filmed every single flower in the game! I've been wanting to do this because they introduced flower breeding back in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Ah well done! I'm still looking for the elusive green mommy and I have just given up entirely on the blue rose lol. I don't like buy Animal Crossing Items roses anyhow so I do not know where I'd put it!