Subject: How to Advertise Products in Social Networks?
Content: Now it’s hard to find a business that does not have an account in any social network. Everyone understands - this is an opportunity to break through to a potential client, tell about yourself, get feedback and, ultimately, make the business more successful. This is understood by both global brands and microbusinesses. However, this does not work for everyone. The main mistake is to consider a business account exclusively as an advertising platform. No one in their right mind will subscribe to an account that has nothing but advertising. Modern social networks like facebook are the same media in which people look for information, entertainment, new knowledge, new faces, etc. And with your account you should interest, surprise, entertain - in a word, arouse the interest of the audience. That is why maintaining business accounts requires not only knowledge of the basics of marketing and advertising, but also the ability to work with an audience. The components of the success of effective account promotion in social networks:   Positioning The first thing to do before launching your account is to decide on its positioning. If you are a single brand (for example, a women's clothing store or a car wash), then it’s easier for you. Then you just transfer your real positioning to social networks. The problem arises for companies that operate in several market segments or provide a wide range of different products (for example, shopping centers, supermarkets or groups of companies providing various services). In this case, it is better to segment the audience, study which part of it is more active in social networks, and position yourself in accordance with its needs.  2. Strategy Consumer insight , promotion triggers, segmentation of the target audience - all these are parts of the strategy. If you produce, for example, mineral water and your task is to break through to a young audience, you will lead social networks, like Borjomi, for example. And if you want to collect an audience of +27 in your account, your strategy will be completely different. Such here, for example: Strategy is a way of conducting an account. This is the type of content, the words you will communicate, etc. 3. Design Good design is at least half the success of your account. In social networks there is no place for low-quality photos and videos.   4. Content Content is a separate issue. Next time we devote an entire article to her. The main thing that needs to be learned is that the content should be VARIOUS. 5. Using Instagram tools. Instagram gives a lot of opportunities for free promotion. Among the simplest are geotags and hashtags. By properly using these tools, you can attract new users from your target audience. With the right approach, after a couple of months you will be able to: increase brand and product recognition. build an audience of fans of the brand - your regular customers. increase traffic to the site thanks to transitions from Instagram. establish direct communication with potential and real customers. Users are more likely to ask questions through Direct Instagram than through any other communication channel. sell through Instagram, if necessary.   An account on Instagram can become your own media through which you will broadcast your values, “educate” your audience, shape public opinion and promptly notify subscribers by telling them about news, promotions, new products, your benefits, etc.   In this sense, a high-quality Instagram account is a more effective alternative to publications in print and television media, which are expensive and affect the audience for a short time.