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Don't give Animal Crossing Villagers junk birthday gifts
Posted On 12/23/2020 01:50:41 by rsdean

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a popular game nominated for this year's game awards. The life simulation type provides a useful escape from reality. The most popular part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all the charming and anthropomorphic animals that will move to the player's island. Players can interact with residents through various reactions and gestures, including the pure act of giving gifts. Unfortunately, for a Reddit user, this symbol of community spirit was severely responded... Read More

Animals across new horizons: animals that will leave before the new year
Posted On 12/22/2020 01:01:56 by rsdean

With the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, it makes sense to add some animals that will bid farewell to animals Crossing new horizons to cryptocurrency before the end of the year. They will be away in the next few months, save your favorite animals and valuable ones, maybe you can make a lot of money. Pick up your fishing rod or dive into the water, and quickly catch a fish and three deep-sea creatures that will disappear in a short time!

After the end of December, a fi... Read More

In Animal Crossing: A New Way to Make Money
Posted On 12/18/2020 01:28:54 by rsdean

I want to earn bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is something all players must know.

If you have enough bells on hand, buying enough carrots from Daisy Mae, which will only appear on Sundays, is a good investment. The risk you need to be aware of is that you must sell the carrots you bought before the next Sunday. Radishes that exceed the inventory will be placed on the ground and in the house. They only have a one-week shelf life, and you will lose money. However, Timm... Read More

Send holiday gifts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Posted On 12/17/2020 01:19:21 by rsdean

In Dodo Airlines'in-game mail system, you can use special winter postcards to send your relatives and friends your gifts and blessings. From December 1st to 25th, you can buy winter-themed decorative toys and gifts at the Resident Service Plaza on the island. Collect the special decorations that the decorative trees on the island will drop, and capture the various snowflakes accumulated on the island to get winter-themed recipes, such as Christmas themes. In the Nook Cranny store, you need to... Read More

Which villager do you want to camp within Animal Crossing?
Posted On 12/15/2020 01:24:00 by rsdean

Many villagers in Animal Crossing have their own personalities and quirks, so you may not like to have formulaic communication with him, but they are indeed unique, and they have at least one redemption feature.

So which one would you choose to camp with you?

Happy old man Billy, he likes to dance around the campfire and happily tell stories about the fire. He seems to be an interesting camping buddy, but in fact, he is very fragile, and you may have some difficulties lo... Read More

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