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Ally Bank isn't the only one hoping to reach out to Animal Crossing
Posted On 11/10/2020 20:43:03 by namelymsjgje88

On the off chance that you haven't gotten a Switch yet, or are searching for a second one, fortunately there is a release in stock at Amazon. The Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket: New Horizons Edition is available and prepared to send. While that probably won't be on special, there are various Switch games set apart down for Prime Day, including the super hit game this version is demonstrated for. 


Nintendo's hit Switch life sim, Animal Crossi... Read More

The Most Valuable Insect In Animal Crossing
Posted On 10/20/2020 02:46:27 by Tonyfirst

In Animal Crossing, there are many types of insects. Different types of insects represent different values. Selling some high-value insects can give you some lucrative bell income. If you can catch these insects, congratulations to you. Sell them to get a lot of ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and bells. This article takes you to understand those high-value insects.

Horned Hercules. The Horned Hercules was initially introduced within the Japan-exclusive Animal Forest. It is really a rare... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-New Changes in Halloween Version
Posted On 10/10/2020 04:27:45 by Tonyfirst

Halloween is approaching, and when the holiday is approaching, Animal Crossing also brings a new version. After the update, players can start playing Halloween events on October 1st. Although the real Halloween party needs to wait until the night of October 31st, we need to prepare for the event in advance. So what do we need to do?... Read More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a new terrain modification function
Posted On 09/30/2020 04:45:33 by Tonyfirst

During Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo showcased new architectural Nook Miles Tickets that can help you customize the island. As shown in the demo, Nook Phone is an in-game smartphone with a variety of useful applications, including the unlockable "Island Designer" application, which allows you to shape your own island to your liking.... Read More

Nook Miles Ticket your placeGo fishing
Posted On 08/23/2020 22:52:39 by xingwang


Meet new locals and welcome them to live your island - each island you visit will have another guest you can converse with and welcome back to Nook Miles Ticket your placeGo fishing - same as at home truly, albeit maybe with a possibility at something more intriguing 

Chill the beans directly down - what preferred path over break the issue of being Resident Representative than escaping from everything on your own abandoned isla... Hold tight, wasn't that th... Read More

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