Why are there different trading methods in the market?
Posted On 08/25/2020 13:26:17 by freemexy

Why are there different trading methods in the market? This is because the effectiveness of any trading strategy is based on the personality or characteristics of the trader, and the strategy needs to suit the trader's personal trading style. If a trader's strategy is contrary to his personality, the trader will definitely not succeed. Numerous examples have proved this, and the investment circle generally agrees on this point: the best strategy is the one that suits you, while what is considered the best by others may not necessarily be the right one for you! To follow the the rules of trading is to acknowledge and respect the individualities of traders.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  Different characteristics lead to different psychological states of traders during trading. These psychological states can also be regarded as a “psychological compound” composed of various psychological factors, some of which are strong, while others are weak, and they are constantly changing, rather than set in stone.

  According to the characteristics of traders, we divide traders into the following 15 types:

  1. Accurate traders: this type focus on the accuracy of pivot points, such as opening positions and closing positions

  2. Administrative traders: they focus on the arrangement and efficiency of all trading links, including working time, planning, risk control, etc.

  3. Artistic traders: they tend to associate trading with art, philosophy, natural laws, etc.

  4. Adventurous traders: they are more aggressive when trading and are willing to take risks in order to obtain greater benefits

  5. Detailed traders: this type pay attention to various details in the transaction and strive for perfection

  6. Facilitative traders: they value personal progress, self-education and strive for personal growth

  7. Interest-based traders: they treat trading as a hobby and trade just for fun

  8. Independent traders: they like to sit at home and trade with their own money

  9. Innovative traders: they pursue new strategies and methods, and are always exploring better profit methods

  10. Planned traders: they make a complete plan before trading and execute their trading accordingly


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