I'll check today using the Dominion Tower.
Posted On 02/23/2021 21:00:47 by Sunxuemei

The Mother was RuneScape gold recently upgraded however. I'll check today using the Dominion Tower. In the mean time I would suggest dwelling teleporting outside and then trying again (you won't need to kill the sentinels again I believe). Seemed ordinary to me. I struck it with the axe. I stepped back, fired water spells (I'd suggest stepping back so that you can just focus on projectile attacks) Yada yada. I did notice she had a top defense, but I was also only using a team of light. The Balmung took a few strikes to hit her. So I would just re-enter the battle area and try again.

I just want everyone's opinion about something. For quite a while, I have been saving up towards a goal of 24 bonds to the Premier Membership that will come out near Christmas- in order 8 and a half weeks. I've 15 bonds at the moment, in addition to around 12m worth of unmade Yak pouches. Bonds, however, are skyrocketing. Last I checked today, they were 7.5M . This usually means buying the ~7 I have left will cost approximately 53M.

If I had been to await a week or two, bonds will probably rise and proceed over 8m each. I can even see them heading for mid 9s near Xmas. That would mean I have hoarded up what potentially worth over 100M in bonds. So I was wondering if I should keep working on my aim of Premier Membership, or whether I need to sell my bonds and purchase an Ascension Crossbow, a product I've always wanted. Additionally, while bonds will probably be rising, I hear that the crossbow will probably be falling in price, and might really hit the low 100s of mils.

I am biased as fk when it comes to stuff this because of the sort of RuneScape player I am. I didn't bother purchasing the highest membership this season because I felt it was pointless, it is nice to get the extra daily Treasure Hunter key sure but it's nothing great + everything else is just meh. If they made it so you could pick the colour of your star then maybe, but they didn't and I don't particularly like blue stars. Plus I had no intention of using the distinctive worlds the members with premier subscription get, I just buy RS gold really use W71 and W33.

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