I'm searching for some skills to RuneScape
Posted On 02/25/2021 22:53:19 by MMOruki

I would have to RuneScape gold say Eagle kite because CLS sucks that much. Besides PvP it's pretty much no use, being outclassed by other things (usually rapier) in every circumstance. Bandos is arguable - maul is much better damage/time but CLS allows you to tank with a shield.

If Jad is the only thing you'll ever use Eagle kite for, it's not worthwhile. There are loads of rewards better than CLS. I wouldn't be using it only for Jad, certainly for different things. I have a rapier, incidentally. That is why I was trying to decide on the cls. If its not that much better than the usual rapier when it comes to bossing I can get it after the protector. Hey guys - I understand there's a load of those sort of threads, I was able to answer them myself some time ago, but I honestly don't have a clue what is happening, what changes have occurred, what's good/bad/nooby etc.. Just read through the rest of what I've written, it makes no sense. .

I simply bought membership a couple of days ago, persuaded by a friend along with the Mad May thing, and when I really got on to some members globe I realised I didn't have a clue what to do. Ever since that time I have done the obligatory farming runs, slayer assignments and clue scrolls - but now I'm really running out of things to do in the other three and a half months of the membership period.

Therefore any suggestions on what might be a good idea to train, any minigames to attempt or simply anything that's fun/rewarding to perform on RS members today. In case you guys could indicate something that I could buy then that'd be great; I have 50m money but I would rather not spend a lot of.

And finally I'm searching for some skills to train to 99 or at least just a higher level, but idk what I can train without spending loads of cash on for no recurrence, what is reasonable spending etc.. My skills should still be in my touch, if not then I will add asap. However, there are a couple really pleasant things which you should get. I'm presuming you haven't been here for a while. Very powerful one-handed melee weapon that you get after dungeoneering for some time: you need at least 80 dunge to purchase it, employing the dunge reward method. Most chaotic weapons are the most effective in their own class. Bandos chestplate and tassets. Falling in price, these are generally go-to items if you've got some cash. 12M for a single bit, 12M for the other. They give a power and buy OSRS gold prayer bonus.

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