The party room is merely a place for RuneScape
Posted On 04/03/2021 00:37:21 by MMOruki

There has to RuneScape gold be a better way of letting folks know there is a fall in the party space, moreover bankers spamming up the bank with"10k drop in two minutes!!" To me, a 2m drop is barely worth the effort of trying to get into a party room in fally full of a thousand ppl, idiots opening and closing doors so you can't get in, and getting booted off the host twice as the fall occurs, even though I myself have contributed to the drop.

I think I can honestly say that the increased majority of High-leveled players could care LESS about fall parties being declared, particularly for such small amounts of money. I know why the change was implemented, so that ppl couldnt attempt to have personal fall parties or RWT, but it truly is too much.

The party room is merely a place for ppl to beg now and fally may as well be named noobville when one of these announcements occurs.I've been to at least 10 drops because the changes, and have not even been able to pop 1 balloon prior to the celebration ends or getting kicked off the machine.

Solutions: In the very least, stop the bankers from spamming the bank and maybe have a flashing light in the bank simply to alert ppl a drop will be taking place, and they can talk to the banker if they want to know more. But a constant spamming and countdown is unnecessary, and takes off from the game in my view. Doors should either be removed, or kept open throughout a fall. If statements have to be kept, at least limit them to really substantial drops such as 5m+ at the least. You are deluding yourselves if you think a RWT is going to sit dropping for hours a tiny amt of cash into the drop box, which somebody will stand there for hours waiting for this fall.

Comments/supporters are valued, I'm not likely to check a whole lot, but I needed to put out it how really annoying the party room is.I obtained 99 farm the other day, and wanted to perform a 10m fall, but I would probably get kicked out of cheap RS gold my own drop. On all docks, there'll be a guy called Greenbeard. In case you've got 60 construction, you should begin building your own vessel...

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