Rsgoldfast - Either tele into falador or walk
Posted On 06/12/2021 00:49:50 by MMOruki

Either tele to falador or walk. Go from the south west and RS gold go in the crafting guild and find among the npcs in the guild. Speak to them and receive your gold jewelry accepted and the NPC provides an overview of recommendation. Now go back to pikkupstix and show him that the announcement and QUEST COMPLETE!

While fletching 4k walnut logs for 70 fletching I thought of a great way to bring back the wildy aswell as eliminating any chance of real world trading while at the same time while making it more exciting. I bet you are saying"Blagh hopeless old wildy or even nothing! Nothing may replace the old wildy!" Well read on and you also will jump aboard the brand new wildy train! Heres my thought:

Wildy Tokens! Fundamentally this works on a blessed dip principal. Now what happens is this, whenever a player is killed in the wilderness by another player that dead players item are transferred to a chest. The participant which killed the other participant is rewarded 1 Wilderness Token for every 10k of worth from the defeated players things that were lost.

The player then goes to the chest and uses his tokens, now here's the exciting yet progressive component: Every time the chest is opened one token is removed along with a random thing that was lost is given to the player. The reward could be 3gp, 2mil gp, a dragon armour set, bronze med helm, party hat, christmas cracker, ANYTHING AT ALL!

This system allows the participant to have a rewarding pk experiance, exciting new rewards, no possible approach to actual world trade and makes sure that noone tries to junk the chest with bad things as they won't be rewarded and have zero incentive to do so. This also allows players to get about what they would of got from the defeated players while still maintaining a fair system where everyone has an even chance of buy RuneScape gold getting something great.

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