Secrets of how to beat the pokie machines
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Video slots are leaders in the list of gambling games at online casinos because they enjoy the greatest popularity among players. Accordingly, the question "how to beat the machines" is one of the most frequent.

Why slots are in such demand among fans of gambling? THere are a few of them:

  • Simple rules, which allows you to relax as much as possible during the game;
  • The professionalism of the player has a small role. Even a beginner can get a win;
  • small, but still chances of a progressive jackpot;
  • A wide range of rates, which allows you to play even with a small bankroll.

 generous pokie machine

To start playing the slot machines beginner enough to spend a few minutes to learn the rules, make a bet, press the start button and wait for the result of the first spin.

How to beat the pokie machine at online casinos using simple ways?

This question concerns even those users who play solely for entertainment purposes. Immediately notice that the slot is laid mathematical superiority i.e. casino edge over the player. To change it with the help of various machinations is not only unlikely, but also illegal. If the administration of the casino will suspect the user of this, he immediately gets into a deep ban.

However, there are ways that can help increase the probability of winning. Happy to share them with you.

Use only licensed online slot machines

How to beat the slot machines if you have stumbled on a fake? Leave the game and choose a reliable gambling resource with proven software. Gambling content producers are not responsible for the work of fake games. With the help of our rating you will find the best online casino for real money.

Choose the slot machine with the maximum RTP

In each generous pokie machine laid down a certain theoretical percentage return (RTP). It can range from 95% - 97%, although there may be other indicators. RTP shows what part of the total amount of bets slots returns player. The bigger the payout, the better your chances are.

Don't make a cult of different strategies

Today, there are many known systems that promise success in the game at online slots. But not one of them can not affect the RTP, and therefore not able to guarantee a 100% winnings. The results of each spin is completely random and does not depend on previous results. Keep this in mind if you prefer slot machines, but often wonder how to cheat them with different systems.

So, should you try to play by strategy if they do not always work? The answer is positive. The use of systems allows you to make the game more orderly, intelligently allocate funds and not to exceed the established limits.

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