It is one of the top adored and popular RuneScape skills
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They are considered to be the top money earners after 89 cooking because Sharks are one of the most common foods consumed in OSRS. You can earn them all the way until 99 to earn a great gain, but if your goal is high exp rates RuneScape Gold, start at 93. The number of Sharks required to reach the point of 11k.


This is a method for those who want to get to the top level quicker but don't want a longer route. You will sacrifice your gold for rewards for experience. It's easy - If you're looking for cash, you can do Sharks If you have more experience then try the Anglerfish. You'll require around 25k to complete your cooking your course and then reach 99. It's the best way to make the most of your fishing.


There's a way to improve your cooking skills with the least amount of effort which is by making wine. You can increase your level extremely quickly with these as they'll give you roughly 500k exp/hour. This method is very AFK-able and the only downside to this is that it requires you to invest less than 15mil for maximum cooking. There is the possibility of making Jugs of Wine. To make Jug of Wine add grapes to the Jug of Water. This procedure is simple but it does require a lot of attention and clicking.


After completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest with 30+ Cooking level players are able to cook Karambwan. This is a specific kind of food which is consumed in a slower pace, which makes it perfect for pvp since you can consume both this and normal food in the same meal.


At level 90 , fishing using raw Karambwan on fire and pressing 2 , on the keyboard simultaneously, that you cook it without an interval of ticks. This makes Karambwan a fast-cooking element in games Buy RS 2007 Gold. Although it is extremely time-consuming, this method gives you results in cooking at around 90k/hour and at the same time, it generates more than 200k in profit.

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