Families have seen their damage output increased
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Has anyone else noticed this? Could this be a ploy by Jagex to draw people's attention in making things (or simply to purchase their own clockwork cat)? If you pass away with a clockwork cat that follows you, does the cat that you have buy runescape gold created become to be a "stray cat" wandering around in that spot for a period of time instead of just disappearing the like most objects that are dropped (but what happens to people who die in this GE)? (As an aside Have you noticed that when you have a real cat following you, it'll start getting into fights with the dogs are passing by?)


Families have seen their damage output increased, but then nerfed after it was discovered that titans were hitting way too intensely on bosses. I'm not sure what they are now. Based on mods rathe: Summoning has been largely set aside for the time being due to the fact that we believe it needs a whole Evolution of Summoning update to fully reflect the value of it.


While the fact that everything will be multicombat is slightly better than currently. Regarding herblore Mod Pi is a good choice. With respects to herblore and prayer the current in-game bonuses that the highest levels offer pushes players to the top of their level that it caused it difficult to balance bosses. difficult[sic].


If you were to choose an opponent without these boosts more than turm + Ovl would find the fight a walk in the park. If you were balancing for a player who has these boosts, then you've pretty much made them the standard. This isn't the ideal situation since the benefits that prayers and potions can give you should be seen as an added benefit to the ones you already had, rather than just being the best weapon in the game.


With their current strengths however turmoil has the potential of giving you the same boost that the differences between barrows and nex gear/choatics [sic] and overloads is capable of providing the same boost as differences between Godwars Gear and the nex gear/chaotics. This means they're not small boosts.


I can see how compared to the current numbers these seem like huge nerfs however the problem lies in the fact that turm/ovl's performance is too powerful currently and has been left at that level for too long.


I'm thinking that once the cb update starts, summoning isn't as useful as herblore, but after the summoning rework it's going to get better.


In the absence of anything else I'd suggest using the xp earned on summoning because summoning is more benefit out of the bonus xp because you can save money as well as time in collecting charms. Did you know that summoning was always a 1.1x multiplier for bonus xp weekends unlike other skills , so as to not to osrs acc get out of balance? This time, it's identical to any other skill, and I'd take advantage of it should I need summoning xp.


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