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Saturday's 1 p.m. schedule includes a few games with important playoff implications. And one of the crucial matchups takes place in the Georgia Dome when the Atlanta Falcons (6-4) face the Minnesota Vikings (7-3). The Falcons are struggling after the start of their season 5-0. and have lost four of their last five games, and are letting the other teams to catch them up during the NFC Wild Card race.


The Vikings were beaten to the top of their division following a loss in an away game against teams like the Green Bay Packers, but they remain major players within the NFC. The experts at our site predict Atlanta's tailspin to last with a pick of Minnesota with a 6-2 lead.


It's a tough one. NFC East is as big the same a chance as it has ever been, however, an important division match is scheduled for FedEx Field when Washington (4-6) plays the New York Giants (5-5). The Giants are on a break following losing a gruelling game to the New England Patriots in Week 10 while Washington's progress was interrupted by a brutal defeat from the Panthers. The division is in good shape, and there's not a consensus on the panel, and there's a slight 5-3 edge to the Giants.


In the late afternoon time slot during the late afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks host the Pittsburgh Steelers in a rematch of the infamous Super Bowl 40. Seattle is back to .500 following a win over The San Francisco 49ers Cheap Madden 24 Coins, but Marshawn's Lynch is believed to be out with a possible sports hernia.

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