Things you didn’t know about your teeth
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Although teeth are incredibly important and having white teeth is considered a norm in many countries, including the United States, there are still many people who don’t take care of their teeth as much as they should. This time around we are here to call your attention to your Teeth Replacement Houston and to motivate you to take care of your teeth, after the end of the day brushing your teeth takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time dailly which is really not a lot.


  • Did you know that the excessive saliva that’s being generated before vomiting is to protect the throat and the teeth from the dangerous acids in the vomit?
  • Did you know that the famous Danish King Harald Blatand who had the nickname „ Bluetooth Harald” had in fact blue teeth due to eating so many blue cranberries?
  • Did you know that teeth survive anything except for the decays? That’s why it’s essential to brush your teeth regularly.
  • Plaque that’s slowly deposited on your teeth after a few hours is in fact made out of 300 different bacteria! This makes human biting worse than the biting of an animal.
  • Humans didn’t have issues with tooth decays until domestication and changes in their diet kicked in. Therefore it’s also a civilizational curse.
  • Several actors have let their tooth getting chipped in order to play a role more authentically.
  • Teeth Extraction Houston is in fact lightly transparent therefore their colour is greatly defined by the actual color you have in the back of your teeth. That’s why not only teeth cleaning is important but also visiting a Dental hygienist to get your teeth professionally cleaned, especially if you are more likely to gain tartar.
  • If you need implants in place of an extracted tooth you will need to wait a minimum of 3 months before you can be able to start the process, because it takes this long for the wound to perfectly heal.
  • Many dentists do not work with numbing injections any longer, they use gas or anesthesia for their patients to bear pain even better. Using gas is a great option especially for those who fear of any sort of bodily overreaction to numbing medicines.
  • After tooth extraction patients cannot eat food that’s grainy of that can have the tendency to get stuck in-between the teeth. This is to avoid any risk of infection which is essential in the first 3-4 days.
  • Did you know that soldiers were first forced to have healthier teeth and regular tooth cleaning regime from the Second World War? Indeed they needed to have healthy teeth and at least 4 teeth that were facing each other, in order for them to be able to use them for opening gunpowder pouches.
  • You can save a knocked out tooth by instantly putting it back in its socket (given the proper cleaning methods were also used to avoid infection).
  • People who work in Antarctica are requested to have all their wisdom teeth and appendix removed.

We hope we could revive your motivation to take proper care of your teeth. And if you need teeth extraction Houston or tooth replacement, check out one of the dental tooth replacement Houston, TX clinics out there.


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