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Demand for Managed VoIP is Growing.
Posted On 07/06/2020 09:34:27

How does your VoIP business offer? Do you have a call center or are you an affiliate? Do you sell VoIP packages like phones and other hardware, mobile VoIP packages and other products?

1.       What do you think are the key values ‚Äč‚Äčthat managed VoIP solutions provide to customers?

2.       What are the other benefits?

3.       What are the benefits of hosted VoIP solutions for remote teams?

4.       What mistakes does an integrator or VAR with hosted VoIP make and how can they be avoided?

5.       What do you think of the future demand for managed VoIP?

3rd Element added voip managed services as an additional service to its MSP products a few years ago. Many customers want all the technology offered by their trusted partners. We chose to use VoIP solutions through our channel partners who can handle everything from onboarding to issues. We choose partners who can use different phone manufacturers so that our customers don't feel tied to their own system. There are many VoIP mobile solutions. We chose a combination of features that uses software clients, call forwarding and VoIP cordless phones. It was reduced to customer needs and was able to provide the best solution for every situation.

Managed VoIP's core value to our customers is our partnership with them. They support it and want a solution from someone available when they call. Even if you send a ticket on behalf of the customer, the customer wants us to be the point of contact. No matter where the problem is, the customer will call us, so in this way we can manage the entire process and maintain a high level of trust with the customer.


Other benefits of using VoIP as part of the offering are closer relationships with customers, additional revenue streams, and depending on the partner you choose, it can be a business-to-business interaction between them. .. We also offer our clients another piece of the puzzle once we can provide all the necessary services.

Remote teams can easily use the correct VoIP solution. During the pandemic, we were able to tell the customer to take the phone home and connect it. Everyone went back to work as if they were in the office. Other benefits include that the caller does not know that team members are working remotely, which saves physical space in the employer's office and makes it easier to keep teams in touch. I will. Also, VoIP solutions can cost less than traditional phone lines.

Without understanding the features, VoIP is error prone.

1.       Know where the limits of the selected system are, especially if they are proprietary.

2.       Install it correctly. You don't know what you don't know, so if your hosted VoIP partner isn't very good at onboarding, things are overlooked and your customers don't have the system features they paid for.

3.       To ensure you have a solid solution, take the time to understand the environment and the requirements of the system you are installing.

The demand for managed VoIP only increases here. Traditional telephone lines are obsolete and traditional telephone systems are obsolete. A well-managed and supported channel partner system can give you a competitive advantage. Most clients prefer to consume all services through a single provider. So if something goes wrong, we will call a trusted partner.


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